i am 19, i love everything about sports, i run track, workout, and stalk olympians in my free time. for some reason i am just fascinated by gymnastics.

when i say i ship people i really mean that i find their friendship adorably endearing.
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do you ever wonder if people could watch your life on tv who they’d ship you with

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Chapter Seven: Change of Heart 

 Sunday morning Aly tried calling McKayla the moment  she woke up, but as she expected the wild party animal of last night had gone into hibernation and didn’t pick up.

Aly rolled out of her bed and put on an old t-shirt for working in the yard in. It was a crisp  and sunny morning so Aly decided to edge the lawn, as it was starting to lookover grown and Mr. Mustafin was planning on hosting a press meeting about his company’s plans on Thursday. Therefore the house had to look its best.

Aly finished edging the expansive lawn just before 10am. McKalya finally woke up and called her back.

"Hey Als! You missed a hell of a party last night!"

"I bet I did. How are you feeling?"

"A bit light headed but other than that pretty good. It’s funny though because I was just looking through my photos last night and I don’t even remember taking half of them!"

Aly laughed, “Well are they at least up to your Instagram standards?”

"Naw, too many people of inferior looks snuck into the frame with me! Don’t they know it’s called a selfie for a reason?! There are a couple of pictures on here that you might find interesting though."

"Oh?" Aly wasn’t quite sure what she meant by that.

"Yeah I was looking through these photos and there is one that I took sometime before you came back and in the picture,. Jordyn’s right-hand bitch Nastia is all up and making moves on your girl."

"My who?"

"You know, Princess!" McKayla replied.

"Mack stop calling her my "girl" cause she’s not."

"Oh she totes is, and I ship you two together so hard by the way."

"What the hell does that even mean? Whatever, what was the picture?"

"I’ll send it to you right now, all I’m saying is that I bet Nastia wants to go to the dance with Aliya so you better do something about it."

"I don’t know why everyone cares so much about this stupid dance—" Aly started.

Aly’s phone buzzed with the arrival of picture message. Sure enough it was a picture of a drunk McKayla pointing cheekily at two girls in the background. Upon closer inspection and a little zooming in Aly could see that the two girls were clearly Nastia and Aliya; and Nastia had both her hands grabbing Aliya’s butt as they touched foreheads , standing face to face.

Seeing this picture stirred something inside of Aly. Perhaps what she felt was uncomfort from seeing such an intimate moment, but in the back of her mind, Aly knew that was she felt was nothing other than a pang of jealousy. She did not want to Aliya to go to the dance with Nastia.

"Als, you still there?" McKayla’s voice came from her phone.

"Umm yeah sorry, I was just looking at the picture…"

"Whoa you don’t sound so good. You jelly?"

"NO.." Aly stated strongly.

"Whoo! Yes you are! You are jealous! Oh Aly you are the worst! You had to keep saying no to the Princess and now someone else is trying to step in! Draaaaammaaaa!" McKayla squealed so that Aly had to hold the phone away from her ear.

"OMG shut up Mack!" Aly yelled at her howling friend over the line.

Just then the door to the patio opened and Aly felt the need to be quiet all of the sudden so that no one could sense her secret. “Got to go Mack, see you later. Ps I think you’re stupid—” and she hung up.


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Where's Burritos Are a Girl's Best Friend? Please don't be finished with it.
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soon. :)

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hey, come back to burritos, I'm waiting what's next.. )i hope you dont give up, like genuine for along time ...
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YOOO i’ve got fall break in 2 days so i am planning on continuing with the story so dont worry!




My take.x

Such a cute future world beam champ ;)

poor baby




My take.


Such a cute future world beam champ ;)

poor baby

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We were all freaking out. But we should have known our Alka NEVER leaves a major championships without a gold medal.

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the two Ksenias made this video for Aliya

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McKayla’s interview after winning the gold in vault.

"It was crazy, and a lot of people didn’t really believe in me. They all thought it was a fakey comeback, because a lot of gymnasts have kind of done that before. But I stuck to my goal and my dream and my heart. And that just shows to anybody, you know, things are possible if you set your mind to it."

SO CUTE!!!!!!

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mai murakami’s FX routine was awesome! she had huge air, good music and she was so adorable at the end!

I might have a new fav